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Pre Paid Funeral Plan

It is important to do a Pre Paid Funeral Plan because:

  • You make your wishes known to avoid emotional stress for Family Members.
  • Taking out a Plan will save you thousands of pounds because Funeral prices increase every Year and could double over a 10 year period.
  • There are several ways to pay for your Pre Paid Funeral Plans , including by instalments over up to 30 Years
  • Our Pre Paid Funeral Plan Provider has over 3000 Funeral Directors , who are situated all over the United Kingdom

Are pre paid funeral plans a good idea?

Yes! By making a pre paid funeral plan, you are ensuring your wishes are known and actioned upon your death. Having a pre-planned funeral will also take off the stress from loved ones who would otherwise be forced into planning a funeral and putting them in debt, when they should be grieving and taking time for themselves.

What are pre paid funeral plans?

A pre-paid funeral plan is self explanatory! You are paying for your funeral in advance, so when the time comes there are no expenses or debt for loved ones.

Are prepaid funeral plans safe?

Pre-paid funeral plans are safe provided you have spoken to a professional advisor such as Affinity Legacy Planning to ensure your wishes are known and upheld.

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