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Private Clients
When it comes to wealth preservation, one of the most significant things to consider is how you protect yourself and your family from unforeseen events. Illness, accidents and unexpected deaths occur on a daily basis - and in an instant you can lose the lifestyle and the assets you’ve worked for decades to achieve. Reflect for a moment on what is most important to you and what strategies you have in place to take care of these things. The most valuable asset that you have is your capacity to generate income; ultimately this is the foundation to your entire portfolio. This is why its paramount to any wealth preservation plan, that we ensure you are protected and able to continue to fund your lifestyle, your retirement plans and your Inheritance Tax bill.
Our regulated strategic affliate can assist you in selecting the right level and type of cover to meet your needs and will regularly review any protection solutions to ensure it's aligned to your changing circumstances and wealth preservation needs.
Corporate Clients
Being part of a corporate entity requires many different functions to be working in unison towards a shared end goal in order to be successful. This in turn, involves a reliance on certain individuals working within a company; whether at board, management or team level. These individuals drive the company forward and ensure effective running on a daily basis. But what if one of these individuals, crucial to the firm, are unable to perform their role? By implementing a solid back up plan the business can be reassured in their strategic planning that any unexpected occurrence is managed and impact is reduced to a level that does not greatly damage the company’s growth plan and financial stability moving forward.
Real Estate
As with any asset your Real Estate will be of value to you. And as with any asset, it is vulnerable to the unexpected. Depending on your needs and relationship with Real Estate we can work with you to structure a tailored solution ensuring your home or your portfolio of commercial or residential Real Estate along with everything in between is protected in the right way.
As and when a specialist need arises; whether it’s an international need, a tax mitigation plan or a unique property, we, along with our strategic partners, cater for unique circumstances and pride ourselves on our ability to create innovative solutions for clients.